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January 27, 2021

Pancreatic cancer

What is Pancreas?
Pancreas is an organ in abdomen behind the stomach, it secretes digestive juices aiding in digestion, and in addition it helps in maintaining normal glucose level in blood

What are symptoms of pancreatic cancer?
In early stages it has no symptoms. Later on pancreatic cancer usually presents with jaundice, abdominal pain, loss of appetite and weight loss

What are the risk factors of pancreatic cancer?
Smoking, diabetes, chronic inflammation of pancreas, obesity, hereditary of pancreatic cancer in family are risk factors for pancreatic cancer

How the pancreatic cancer is diagnosed?
It is diagnosed with the help of advanced radiological investigations which takes photos of your internal organs, like CECT scan, MRI and Endoscopic ultrasound.

What is the treatment of pancreatic cancer?
Surgery is the only effective treatment to manage pancreatic cancer, it is known as Whipple’s procedure

What is Whipple’s procedure?
In Whipple’s procedure portion of pancreas having tumor is removed along with part of stomach, intestine and gall bladder.

What is the role of chemotherapy in managing pancreatic cancer?
Chemotherapy kills cancer cells. It is given after the Whipple’s surgery for preventing recurrence of cancer.

What is the role of endoscopic stenting?
Stenting only helps in decreasing jaundice, it does not treat cancer.

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