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Gallbladder Stones

Gallbladder illustration
Gallstones are small, solid particles that deposit in the gallbladder. This mainly occurs when the stored bile crystallizes.

Gallstone that don't cause any signs & symptoms typically doesn't need any treatment. People who experience symptoms from their gallstones usually require gallbladder removal surgery (cholecystectomy).

Gallstone removal does not affect your ability to digest food. Dr. Mohit Sharma is an expert in Laparoscopic cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal surgery).
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Hernia Surgery

A hernia occurs when an internal organ or other body part protrudes through a weakness in the muscle or surrounding tissue wall.

Different types of Hernia like Inguinal Hernia, Umbilical Hernia, Femoral Hernia, Hiatal Hernia , Incisional Hernia, etc. can be treated with laparoscopic surgery.

Dr Mohit Sharma is an expert in conducting laparoscopic hernia surgeries. With him you are in safe hands.

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Piles / Fissure / Fistula

Piles illustration
These are diseases pertaining to anus canal & the rectum. These are very common and can be successfully treated.

Multiple treatment options like Laser, Rubber band ligation, Stapler procedure, VAAFT & Open surgery are available to treat anorectal diseases. Treatments like Rubber band ligation for piles could be done as a OPD procedure. Procedures like Laser treatment involve less pain compared to open surgery.

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Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a procedure that helps people to lose weight. It may be an option for adults who have

1. a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more, OR
2. BMI of 35 or more with a serious health problem linked to obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, or sleep apnea
3. BMI of 30 or more with a serious health problem linked to obesity, for the gastric band only

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Bariatric surgery

Gastrointestinal Tract Cancer

GI Cancer
Colorectal diseases are a group of medical disorders that occur along the colon and the rectum. Some of the common types of diseases that Dr Mohit treats are polyps, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, colon and rectal cancer.

Related surgeries are proctocolectomy, polypectomy, colectomy, colostomy & ileostomy.

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Pancreatitis is a disease in which your pancreas becomes inflamed. It releases enzymes that help you digest food and also regulates glucose level.

Dr. Mohit Sharma is an expert in treatment of Acute & Chronic pancreatitis and also pancreatic cancers.

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